Process of Applying ISO Certification

Here is a general overview of the process of certifying ISO

This involves reviewing the organization's processes, products, and services to determine which ISO standard(s) apply.

Organizations must develop a QMS that meets the requirements of the relevant ISO standard(s). This typically involves creating policies and procedures, training employees, and establishing processes for continuous improvement.

Organizations must conduct an internal audit of their QMS to ensure that it complies with the relevant ISO standard(s) and to identify areas for improvement.

Organizations must submit an application for certification to an accredited third-party certification body. The application must include a description of the QMS, the results of the internal audit, and any other relevant information.

The certification body will conduct an assessment of the organization's QMS to determine its compliance with the relevant ISO standard(s). This typically includes a review of documentation, observation of processes, and interviews with employees.

If the organization's QMS is found to be in compliance with the relevant ISO standard(s), the certification body will grant certification. If the QMS is not in compliance, the certification body will provide a list of non- conformities and the organization must address these issues before being eligible for certification.

Organizations must maintain their certification by continuously improving their QMS and participating in regular assessments and audits. Organizations must also address any non-conformities that are identified during assessments and audits.